The term art has several meanings: in the broadest sense, it stands for all kind of activities related to creativity and aesthetics that aim to express and convey the soul’s life. An artist makes use of any kind of material to convey his mental perception, message, memories and feelings.

The difficulty of translating a text in the field related to arts is that during this “translation work” one has to disregard one’s own perception and opinion by trying to convey the original message absolutely accurately, taking into account the era and target audience of the original artistic message. A talented translator has extensive knowledge in the field of art history. He knows the different art movements, the technical terminology of the various artistic disciplines and can move into the historical moment in which the text in question and its contents were created. The transmission of an artistic message is a challenging task. The same applies when it is about the transmission of a text full of technical terms of a particular art movement so clearly it is understood by the target group of readers.

At ProMosaik Translation we believe that it is essential to enhance the sense of aesthetics, the ideals of beauty and taste. It is important to approach an artistic product by keeping in mind how it was designed, created and developed, and what message it carries; this applies regardless of whether the artistic product is the result of the artist’s innate talent and instinct, or of years of study and practical work. Shapes, colours, sounds and words incredibly enrich humanity. At ProMosaik Translation we aim to focus on these aspects in our projects.

Our Singapore office offers specialised translations in the field of art and art history. Our translators are all native-speakers of the target language and have a specialist professional education in the field of art and cultural heritage, located in various fields like: architecture, painting, sculpture, literature, music, dance, cinema, theatre, photography, graphics, drawing, goldsmithing, design, restoration and art history. Whether it is prehistoric, abstract, modern or contemporary art, techniques in the fields of engraving and drawing, painting, comics, frescoes or murals, photography or crafts: we offer high-quality translations guaranteed by the proven experience of our professional translators in this field. All our translators have undergone a rigorous selection process.

We translate books, interim texts, articles, theses and dissertations, discussion and explanatory panels, theatre pieces and films, promotional material, labels, descriptive texts, brochures, guides, tracts and essays for art exhibitions, institutes and academies, associations, companies and private individuals. We also offer editing and proofreading at all levels and for all types of text related to arts. Like the entire range of our services, at ProMosaik Translation also the art translations are offered at competitive prices. We can also care about your SEO localization project for your websites.

Feel free to send us your request for price and information. We support you with our professional and dedicated engagement.