Since the beginning of history, human beings have been asking questions. In Greek, philosophia stands for the “love for wisdom” arising from the innate propensity of man to know, investigate, examine. Philosophy is based on logical reasoning and aims to seek the truth, defining and explaining precise concepts. Philosophy asks questions about what the essence and origin of things and events. However, unlike religion, it uses a rational and logical method. It starts from particular cases, an event, a fact, an action, and then analyses the resulting general questions.

The branches of philosophy are different, depending on the area of investigation:

  • Metaphysics (literally, what is after physics) analyses the basic questions about existence, the meaning of things, their essence, mortality and immortality.

  • Epistemology concerns knowledge and wisdom, the limits of the potential of human mind, investigates linguistic development and the potential of expression of a thought, logics and communication.

  • Ethics debates on justice, good and evil, the nature of human actions and on interpersonal relations and happiness.

  • Political philosophy is similar to ethics and examines society and the problems connected to human action, power and the forms of control and government aiming to achieve social balance.

  • Aesthetics deals with the search for beauty, the analysis of aesthetic and taste concepts.

The ProMosaik Translation branch based in Singapore offers professional translation services specialised in the philosophical field. Our team of expert translators translates all kind of philosophical texts, in particular related to the following disciplines: anthropology, epistemology, existentialism, rationalism, sociology, theology, metaphysics, analytic philosophy, ethics, politics, aesthetics, logics, philosophy of language, philology, hermeneutics, gnoseology, philosophy of religions, cosmology, Oriental and Western philosophies and more.

A good philosophical translator must be endowed with extreme clarity of thought and language, so as to guarantee the maximum comprehensibility of the translated text, bearing in mind the actual era in which the text is presented. He must know how to master a very precise vocabulary, which draws on various cultural and current traditions of thought; it does not suffice to have a deep knowledge of terminology, but it is necessary to know the culture and era in which words were created and developed. A professional in this field removes his prejudices and preconceptions to perfectly transfer the original message without any contamination. Philosophy is in itself a complex sector: orienting oneself within the vastness of its production is a very sensitive task. Our experienced translators have been rigorously selected to guarantee utmost professionalism.

Essays, treatises, articles, theses, anthologies are just some of the types of philosophical text ProMosaik Translation focus on. We translate from and into more than 80 languages. We also offer editing and proofreading of philosophical texts at all levels.

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